This NICHD Continuing Education Training Program provides comprehensive and sophisticated training on state-of-the-art methods in bioengineering, cellular, molecular and genetic approaches for advancing the Frontiers in Rehabilitative and Regenerative Medicine. This course provides an innovative educational opportunity for motivating clinicians and researchers to pursue scientific careers in rehabilitation research.

This NIH-sponsored course target audience is young and promising faculty already involved in rehabilitation and regeneration investigations, as well as advanced postdoctoral fellows eager to learn about the newest findings and controversies. We intend to give students knowledge of laboratory techniques, career mentoring and the ethical-legal-societal impact of rehabilitative and regenerative research to greatly enhance their successful entry into this field or to strengthen their knowledge in this field.

This dynamic training course provides a series of daily lecturers on emerging concepts, followed by extended discussion, laboratory research, technologically intense workshops and informal seminars over a week-long period. The primary aim is to educate and update rehabilitation and regenerative medicine researchers on the implications of stem cells and tissue engineering for mechanistic discoveries and on designing improved strategies for rehabilitation discoveries, especially in the CNS and skeletal-muscular systems.

Feedback from previous attendees:

  • “This has been the best and richest training course experience I have ever been a part of. I am inspired to continue working towards my dreams as a result of collaborating with like minds.”
  • ”I think one of its biggest, if not its biggest, strength is the quality and availability of the staff. They are all extremely knowledgeable but they also want to share their enthusiasm for science and improvement.”
  • “It included a wide range of areas, with high caliber faculty. Very impressive”, “This course has definitely impacted me for the better. I feel invigorated and passionate, and I look forward to moving on with my research opportunities.”
  • “This course had the perfect balance between lectures, discussions, and practical lab demonstrations.”
  • [My favorite aspect of the course was] “being able to have conversations (formal and informal) with accomplished scientists regarding their science and career advice.”
  • “The course and people who run it are incredible. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of such a life changing opportunity. Thank you!”

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