Program Organizers:
  • Gerald P Schatten, PhD
    Pittsburgh Development Center
  • Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Michael Boninger, MD
    University of Pittsburgh
Sponsored by:
  • National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging
  • Pittsburgh Development Center of Magee-Womens Research Institute
    at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Speakers included:
  • Donald Ingber, Sliman Bensmaia, Rocky Tuan, Jenna Dziki, Adam Feinberg, Nneka Ifejika, Larissa Myaskovsky, Fabrisia Ambrosio, Cameron Riviere, Michael Boninger, Calvin Simerly, Gerald Schatten, Henk ten Have, Carrie Hartnett, and Randal Voss

Agenda: for the 2016 Advanced Training Course

The Regenerative Medicine Advanced Training Course was a success, with fifteen experts from around the country meeting with research trainees from all backgrounds during the week-long experience. The highlight was a standing-room only presentation by Dr. Donald Ingber (Wyss Institute at Harvard), who was the 2016 recipient of the Advanced Training Course’s Pioneer Award.


Dr. Donald Ingber, who was presented with the 2016 Pioneer Award, standing with the course organizers and participants. June 10, 2016

Feedback from attendees:
  • “This has been the best and richest training course experience I have ever been a part of. I am inspired to continue working towards my dreams as a result of collaborating with like minds.”
  • ”I think one of its biggest, if not its biggest, strength is the quality and availability of the staff. They are all extremely knowledgeable but they also want to share their enthusiasm for science and improvement.”
  • “It included a wide range of areas, with high caliber faculty. Very impressive”, “This course has definitely impacted me for the better. I feel invigorated and passionate, and I look forward to moving on with my research opportunities.”
  • “This course had the perfect balance between lectures, discussions, and practical lab demonstrations.”
  • [My favorite aspect of the course was] “being able to have conversations (formal and informal) with accomplished scientists regarding their science and career advice.”
  • “The course and people who run it are incredible. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of such a life changing opportunity. Thank you!”
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