Courses and Workshops

AR3T is supporting educational and training opportunities designed to foster learning for researchers as well as for rehabilitation clinicians.

AR3T supports educational programs and courses that provide trainees and young faculty with first-hand exposure to laboratory techniques and access to foundational knowledge so crucial for developing the research expertise needed to be truly competitive in the fast-moving field of Regenerative Rehabilitation. AR3T is also presenting at a number of meetings and symposia on the topic of Regenerative Rehabilitation in order to help investigators in disparate fields learn the skills and obtain the tools necessary to make the transition into this cutting-edge area of research.

Frontiers in Stem Cells & Regeneration

Course: Frontiers in Stem Cells & Regeneration

When: September 30 - October 6, 2018

Where: Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Ideal Applicant: Graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, newly independent scientist, or established investigator seeking comprehensive and sophisticated training in research strategies and state-of-the-art cellular, molecular and genetic approaches for advancing stem cell and regeneration research.

Travel Award: Two $500 travel stipends are available to complement financial assistance available from MBL

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Description: This is a laboratory- and lecture-based course that includes a complete array of biological and medical perspectives from fundamental basic biology of “stemness” and mechanisms of regeneration through evaluation of pluripotent stem cells for therapeutic benefit, and includes world class lectures from experts in the field. This course also features bioethics seminars, career coaching, and ongoing one-on-one mentoring by course faculty.

Application Instructions: Apply to MBL directly but please include the statement that you’d like to apply for an AR3T Travel Award and explain your interest in Regenerative Rehabilitation in addition to answers to the MBL-required questions. Deadline: June 18, 2018.


2016 Regenerative Medicine Advanced Training Course

This course provides comprehensive and sophisticated training on state-of-the-art methods in bioengineering, and in cellular, molecular and genetic approaches for advancing the field of Regenerative Rehabilitation. The target audience is young and promising faculty already involved in rehabilitation and regeneration research, as well as advanced postdoctoral fellows eager to learn about the newest findings and controversies. This dynamic training course provides a series of daily lecturers on emerging concepts, followed by extended discussion, laboratory research, technologically intense workshops and informal seminars over a week-long period. The primary aim is to educate and update rehabilitation and regenerative medicine researchers on the use of stem cells and tissue engineering for mechanistic discoveries and on designing improved strategies for rehabilitation discoveries, especially in the CNS and skeletal-muscular systems.

 June 2016 Course

Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Selective
Mayo Clinic

Course: Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Selective, hosted by Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in conjunction with the Center for Regenerative Medicine and co-sponsored by Regenerative Medicine Minnesota; with participation by over 30 faculty.

When: April 16 - April 20, 2018

Where: Rochester, MN

Ideal Applicant: Medical student, PM&R resident, DPT, PhD in regenerative medicine and/or rehabilitation science field

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Description: This course is designed to introduce participants to principles and practices of regenerative medicine and surgery. This selective will engage students in the fundamental principles and cutting-edge applications of regenerative medicine within clinical practice. The one-week selective is strategically designed to encompass the Principles and Practice of Regenerative Medicine (Day 1), Regenerative Procedures (Day 2), the Patient Portal to Clinical-Grade Manufacturing (Day 3), Bench-to-Bedside Translation (Day 4), and What Regenerative Medicine Means to You (Day 5). This selective will follow a discovery-translation-application curriculum that encourages students to integrate new knowledge into clinical practice. Interactive lectures, laboratory demonstrations, clinical highlights, and patient interactions will enrich the content of this selective and provide students with a hands-on experience of regenerative medicine at Mayo Clinic. *AR3T awardees will also be provided with additional and tailored lab opportunities during the week that focus on Regenerative Rehabilitation research at Mayo.


Regenerative Medicine Essentials
Wake Forest

Course: 5th Annual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course: From the Fundamentals to the Future

When: June 4 - 8, 2018

Where: Winston-Salem, NC

Ideal Applicant: Clinicians, researchers, laboratory technicians, patient advocates, MD, MS and PhD students, advanced undergraduate students; industry staff, researchers and executives.

Travel Award: Two $1,000 travel stipends

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Description: The primary objective of the RME course is to provide a state-of-the-art review of various aspects of regenerative medicine including background material, the key scientific components of the field of regenerative medicine, ethical, economic and other issues important to regenerative medicine as well as an opportunity to network and meet leading professionals in the field. The course integrates information, technologies and skills from biological sciences, engineering, legal, commercial, regulatory and ethical disciplines. Sessions address the science behind regenerative medicine, its application to human disease and its importance to modern society. At the end of the course, participants will have received an enhanced foundation in the rules, regulations and ethics in the regenerative medicine environment, routines for first-in-man clinical trials, the practical and theoretical basis for GMP, and the ethical aspects of translational research.

Application Instructions:

1) To apply for a travel award, send the requested information directly to AR3T (ar3t@pitt.edu) by the deadline, April 15, 2018.. Please provide:

  1. Name of course interested in
  2. CV
  3. Short statement of your interest in the field of Regenerative Rehabilitation
  4. 200-word summary of your current area of study, work or research
  5. Explanation of how the course will benefit your career goals

2) Register for the course itself through the Wake Forest School of Medicine’s website once registration opens, March 1, 2018, and request the AR3T Partnership Discount.


Presentations and Workshops

AR3T researchers are presenting at a number of meetings and workshops every year. Check out the Upcoming Events page to find out where!