Charles Murry, MD, PhD
University of Washington
Course Sessions
  Sessions will include:
  1. Regenerative Rehabilitation for Cardiovascular Applications
  2. Regenerative Rehabilitation Technologies
  3. Mechanobiology: Where Applied Biophysics Meets Tissue Engineering and Cellular Therapies
  4. Incorporating Regenerative Rehabilitation into Educational Programs
  5. Translating the Science: Regenerative Rehabilitation in Clinical Trials
  6. Regenerative Rehabilitation in the Clinic: Frontline


The Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation is the largest medical and scientific conference specific to Regenerative Rehabilitation in the world, bringing together two disparate disciplines, regenerative medicine and rehabilitative research, into one synergistic field of science. Innovative ideas, concepts and technologies are shared, deliberated and debated at this premier event.

Kyoto attendees

The Science

World-renowned researchers and clinicians present on scientifically rigorous and cutting-edge research and clinical management, focusing on new and innovative approaches that combine discoveries in tissue engineering, medical devices and cellular therapies with rehabilitative protocols. This forum presents a unique opportunity for attendees to explore differences in perspectives, contributions, and theories, as well as to discuss benefits and challenges of approaches, leading to the advancement of research and clinical outcomes.

Interactive Networking

Network with the international, multidisciplinary group of attendees through formal and informal opportunities throughout the Symposium, sharing ideas and forming collaborative relationships. Convene over meals, during refreshment breaks, at the poster session, and during the evening receptions for discussion and cross-discipline pollination to advance innovation in research and practice. Students and trainees may also network with their peers at the Future Leaders of Regenerative Rehabilitation Social.